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>> how to choose good hdtv the TV

hdtv Платформа HD

"Платформа HD" – российский проект вещания пакета спутниковых каналов в формате телевидения высокой чёткости (HDTV). Пакет "Платформа HD" вещается со спутника Eurobird 9 на Европейскую территорию России и ретранслируется ведущими операторами кабельных сетей
Пакет "Платформа HD" : это HDTV-версии телеканалов Eurosport и National Geographic и российские каналы HD-Life (развлекательный телеканал производства компании Red Media) и «Кинопоказ-HD» (производство компании «Первый ТВЧ»), а также другие каналы. Сигнал со спутника можно принимать на всей европейской территории на тарелки диаметром 60 — 90 см.

>> hdtv - how to choose good HDTV the TV








hdtv TVs - how to choose good HDTV the TV



        Projective HDTV.

Usually in them the technology of digital processing of light (DLP), liquid crystals on a silicon substrate (LCOS), or liquid crystals is applied. Advantage of projective technology consists that it manages rather cheaply for very big HDTV. For example, the projective HDTV-TV with a diagonal 72 " and the sanction 1920x1080 will cost from $2500 up to $5000 depending on mark and model. Lack is that fact, that in comparison with plasma or LCD-screens the corner of the review in them is not so good also they not so bright. Sometimes instructions on the sanction appear not absolutely fair - in advertising is spoken about «1080p» with function of progressive development, but you with surprise will find out, that it provides only Interlaced a signal through the multimedia interface of the high sanction (HDMI) or analog componental ports. Other problem that development often is beyond the useful area of the screen is means, that edges of a picture will be cut off, and it is possible to be afflicted, having convinced, what even the button "start" in Windows and the panel of problems has been cut off on edges. As a result it is necessary to apply some "focuses" with the driver of video card NVIDIA to compensate such development, having informed the driver, where cut off the image. Depth of color also concedes in projective HDTV-TVs to parameters of the flat DLP - display though more dear projective models lag behind them not so strongly. We shall inform on one problem - projective TVs consume a lot of electric power. For example, the DLP-TV with a diagonal 72 " consumes nearby 250 watt of the electric power - that it is possible to check up, having connected it to a measuring instrument of capacity. Lamps need to be changed about time in four years, and they cost nearby $200. The conclusion is those: Choosing projective model, for the money you receive the TV of the big size, but its quality cannot be compared to quality of DLP -panels. Pay attention, that, speaking about insufficient quality, we mean quality in comparison with LCD / plasma flat screens, but projective TVs it is much better old HDTV or TVs with a kinescope. The main advantage of greater displays not necessarily consists in the big screen - the size allows placing the HDTV-TV further from spectators that is it can look more people. If you not against to sit is hardly closer to not so big, but to the high-quality DLP -display, it will seem to you to the same big, but before it not as it is a lot of people, and it does not approach for greater drawing rooms even at a small spectator audience.

 Plasma HDTV-TVs

Plasma screens can be very big size similar to size of projective HDTV-TVs, but they cost much more dearly. They can manage in two-rub times more dearly for inch, than DLP-TVs of the same size. The today's plasma HDTV-TV with a diagonal 65 ", supporting 1080p, costs from $6000 up to $10000. The corner of the review, depth of color and brightness of plasma screens considerably surpass parameters of projective TVs. You also receive the present sanction 1920x1080 with progressive development. The problem of greater plasma screens that they can cost, as the inexpensive car, but the price constantly decreases. It will not be surprising, if in following year the price will fall to 30 %, and quality will raise. There are people who 4 years ago have laid out 10000 dollars for the small plasma TV with the sanction 1366x768, and now they, probably, bite elbows. If you do not have superfluous money, the big plasma screen to buy it is not recommended. One more prevention: in the market there are really cheap small plasma screens with the sanction 1024x768 is can seem the good bargain, but you receive the device without square pixels. If you will try to attach to it a computer, the image will be disgusting and deformed, everyone will seem thick. Any model with the sanction 1024x768 or is less obsolete, and it is better to keep from such far away. It is necessary to add, that plasma screens burn out. For example, all for two years at use in datacenter screens (where on them showed, basically, static images) have burnt out very noticeably. At viewing video this problem rises not so sharply, but it nevertheless can make itself felt at reproduction in a format 4:3 with black strips on each side or from above and from below. The resume: you can buy the big high-quality plasma screen, but it will manage to you very expensively. There are cheaper and small versions but then it is better to by the HDTV-TV with the flat LCD-screen – it will cost approximately as much, and quality will be above.

Liquid crystal HDTV-TVs

 LCD-TVs of class HDTV usually possess very high quality, and the concrete size of the screen manages rather expensively, but recently their sizes have grown, and the price has fallen. You with ease will find LCD-models with a diagonal 32 " and the sanction 1366x768 in a price range from $500 up to $800. Models with a diagonal 42 " and the sanction 1920x1080 (1080p) can cost from $1200 up to $2000, and the diagonal 52 " at 1080p will manage in the sum from $2300 up to $3500. In the market are presented LCD-TVs with a diagonal more than 60 inches - but they cost madly expensively, the price for them even above the price of plasma screens. Larger models as a result will fall in price, but meanwhile time of TVs with a diagonal more than 52 " has not come. Thus, at the price of the 72-inch projective HDTV-TV you can receive LCD-model with a diagonal 52 " which provides much more better quality without any problems with Interlaced development and an output of development for limits of the useful area of the screen. Hardly on has forgotten: Interest represents availability of the newest LCD-TVs HDTV with frequency of development 120Hz, interpolation of the staff offering function, or interpersonal filling. It means, that film-signals with a speed about 24 staff in a second can be increased on 5, and initial video signals of standard NTSC with 30 staff in a second can be increased on 4. Interpolation means, that the display will create three or four additional staff between everyone the staff to fill a blank with the image which is being somewhere in between the initial staff. It provides extremely smooth and real picture. Such technology can cause problems with display of films in which intentionally show low speed of the staff for achievement of certain art effects so interpersonal filling can destroy these effects. For example, TV Sharp Aquos LC-46D92U possesses this function of interpolation of the staff with frequency 120Hz with superfast reaction - 4 мs - and a ultra wide corner of the review in 176 degrees. LC-46D92U with a diagonal 46 " costs nearby $2500 (probably, in retail shops this figure considerably above) is expensively, but it is possible to count, that the price of such devices will fall, when LCD-TVs with frequency of development 120Hz will receive more a wide circulation. If you wish to place the screen more close, LCD the-screen of the smaller size will be looked by same greater as projective model, but quality will be much more above. Quality will concede to parameters dear 20-inch computer LCD - the screen, but will surpass any other HDTV-TV in the market. It is so good, that it even can be used as the computer monitor, and eyes will not strain. Unique caution - the sanction 1366x768 not everywhere is supported, and you should be convinced, that your video card and drivers can support such sanction, or all images on the screen will look disgustingly because of the artifacts appearing as a result of change of scale. Advice: It is not necessary to contact the greater cheap projective DLP-TV, and it is necessary to choose LCD.

ATSC-tuners and free-of-charge HDTV.

 New HDTV-TVs are built in all ATSC-tuners (corresponding the standard of the digital TV ATSC developed by group Advanced Television Systems Committee) is means, that you can receive a free-of-charge content with the high sanction through an ether. Even if you watch TV a little and do not wish to pay for a cable or satellite announcement, do not buy the HDTV-TV without an ATSC-tuner or ports HDMI or DVI. Everything that is necessary aerial of external installation though internal models presume to accept the majority of digital channels, especially for you is if you live near to towers. Such thing as "HDTV-aerial", does not exist, and for your purposes will accept any old aerial. We shall note, that HDTV works in range UHFall channels above the channel 13 (data for America) here enter, and in frequency channels from 2 up to 13 work, but in some cases HDTV is broadcast in frequency. If you on a roof have old TV-aerial with all coaxial cables, it it will be fine to work - if supports UHF. The external aerial in cost in area catches 40 dollars about 15 digital channels (there where they are), many of which are broadcast with the high sanction. All main вещательные the network can look through ether with the high sanction and even if you are going to pay for cable or satellite services, nevertheless it is quite good to receive a free-of-charge content in the high sanction through an ether that it was not necessary to pay local channels and HD.

Myth about cables

Consumers need to forget about a myth, that the good cable is a panacea for audio and video of devices, including about the concept « monster cables » (company Monster Cable Products owns mark consumer video-cables Monster Cable which are used basically for connection video-components) as it is inapplicable to digital TV. There is no difference between quality of the cheapest cable for 12 dollars, uniter HDMI and DVI, and 100-dollar gold « monster cable ». These cables were kept since times of an analog era when outflow of a signal leads to deterioration of a sound or the image. In the digital world the cable of data or works on 100 %, or does not work in general, and the average worsened image is not present. As almost all digital cables work (rare nonfunctioning copies it is necessary to return in shop), are not present the slightest distinction between a cheap or dear cable. If you cannot find connecting cable HDMI in retail shops and DVI 30 dollars are cheaper, set in Google inquiry « cable HDMI-DVI » and receive the long list of the on-line shops selling cables for 12-16 dollars plus delivery. Be not surprised, having met in usual retail shop HDMI-cables for 60-150 dollars; simply be not bought on it. Unique sphere of application of the "heaped up" cables - transfer of analog signals, for example, connection between the amplifier and columns.

How to check up quality of a colour rendition of the HDTV-TV

Having solved, you wish to buy what type of the HDTV-TV (read below), you want to check up it before purchase. A question of quality of the HDTV-TV it is necessary to reveal sharply enough and difficultly distinctions between dear and inexpensive model. Aggravates position that fact, that shops usually do not show the optimum image with appropriate digital initial video with the high sanction. Even at use of a pure digital signal it is hard to judge quality of the HDTV-TV. HDTV-TVs often are located in the worst light conditions in comparison with other models, and TVs which the shop wishes to sell, cost at more favorable illumination more often. Other dodge - on some HDTV-TVs is established a mode of very high contrast so images look alive and bright, but in a reality here there are no shaded sites and-or brightly illuminated details. To estimate depth of color "by eye" without the table of a gradient of tones difficultly even to the expert so the tables of red, green, dark blue and grey tones optimized under different sanctions are offered your attention - you can load them. Armed by the table of a color gradient and laptop with an output of the high sanction, you can go to shop and check up quality of HDTV-TVs, before to leave with earned then and blood dollars. Lack of such plan that you cannot test digital HDMI-port or DVI-port, and at many is not present ноутбука with enough good video card supporting the sanction 1366x768 or 1920x1080. there is other opportunity - you can buy the HDTV-TV from the retail dealer who will allow you to return it without the penalty though it it is difficult if the HDTV-TV very big. It is possible to try to ask to show the seller to you as much as possible that you could make fair enough decision, but warn it, that houses you study a product and will return it if it will not correspond to your expectations. To check up the HDTV-TV, load resulted below files and develop them on all screen. Find the sanction suitable for necessary you модели.


-For models with the sanction of 1080 points (1920х1080)-

For models with the sanction 768 points (1366х768) - For models with the sanction of 720 points (1280х720) - For computer monitors in width of 1680 pixels

In an ideal you should see precise square blocks of colors from left to right and from top to down. Actually you cannot make out all of them even on good computer LCD - the screen, and on the HDTV-TV probability and that below. The unique screen on which all of them will appear are bulky Grandpa monitor. Computer LCD-monitors cannot usually show depth of color, as on Grandpa the screen if only you will not pay in rub-four times more for LCD the-display of very high quality. Majority LCD of-displays can be inclined forward and back to see more shades from any edge of a spectrum but then you will lose color on other end of a spectrum. A real question in that, how many elements of color you see under an optimum corner of the review, not changing position of the screen, and how many colors and shades generate at once under the certain corner of the review. The majority of people can tell, what screen is better, only having put test images beside. Fortunately, in case of with LCD - or plasma screens it is possible to not worry about distortion of geometry of the display so in check with a grid of coordinates there is no need. Though quality more dear and cheap models LCD of-screens can, simply remember, that the cheapest LCD the-screen provides higher quality in comparison with the best projective model. If they will pass quality check, possibly it is better to prefer cheaper LCD - to model as dear models do not cost almost double price which for them request, and cheap possess the necessary specifications and functions.  64RIK


hdtv TVs - how to choose good HDTV the TV




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